Custom tins for Wall Cakes

Custom tins for Wall Cakes

A very special customer from Germany! A leading photographer accompanied our client who wanted to package special cakes. Cakes that were to be sold in Berlin. The customer was looking for customised tins, so that he would have truly unique tins. Concessions were out of the question.

Custom tins for a tin wall!

The idea was to package cakes in the shape of the Berlin Wall. And not just one type of tin, but six different designs. This way, consumers can create their own cake tin wall!

Sepia and graffiti

The tin has become something really special. The custom-made tins can be stacked on their sides, so they can be used to build a wall. The tins fit together seamlessly. The modern graffiti-like designs together with the sepia-coloured old photographs make the tin quite special. The push-in lid is applied sideways, and a text and logo are embossed on it.

The end result? A unique series of collectors' items! Original tins that you will not find anywhere else. And with new designs to come, you can expand your wall of tins even further. The tin itself says it all: "Eat the wall!"

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Custom tins for Wall Cakes
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Did you know? Tin boxes are environmentally friendly! The material is recyclable and therefore highly sustainable.

Ad Noordijk, Office Manager
Ad Noordijk, Office Manager