Various collections of tea tins

Preserve the scent of tea

​We have a large variation in the category of tea tins. We present to you the following 12 designs;

  • Flavours: a stylish and contemporary design, in warm colours 
  • Special Blend: a retro design, sure to become a classic...
  • Always: a beautiful design, with nice contrasting colours
  • Classic Blend: a classic print which resembles the old Dutch Delft Blue tiles
  • Made with Love: a robust design, but made with love
  • ​Black Jap: bring the Far East into your home with this true classic
  • Maroc
  • Sir Nelton's
  • Oriental Garden
  • Tea Chest
  • Romance
  • Blooming

Tea tins: need some inspiration?

Are you curious about the possibilities? Take a look at all tea tins in our online brochure.

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Did you know? Our aluminium tinx boxes provide a complete barrier against light, gas and oxygen, making them ideal for packing spices, herbs or cosmetics.

Tony Veer, CEO
Tony Veer, CEO