Bespoke tins: LR Health & Beauty

Bespoke tins: LR Health & Beauty

This cosmetics brand was looking for a suitable gift box for men's products. The tin had to hold two tubes and a can of shaving foam. 

The result

The packaging had to have a masculine appearance and its design had to be sleek. The customer decided to create a jeans-like design for the packaging. The result: a sturdy rectangular tin, with a transparent plastic inlay that locks the products in place. Packaging that suits any target group!  

Curious about our other bespoke tins?

​​Curious about our other looks from the bespoke tins collection? We also created a custom made tin for La Place.

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Did you know? Tin boxes are environmentally friendly! The material is recyclable and therefore highly sustainable.

Ad Noordijk, Office Manager
Ad Noordijk, Office Manager