Miscellaneous: Gourmandises

Miscellaneous: Gourmandises

The tasteful design of the tea tins in our Gourmandises collection will make everyone happy. The Gourmandises collection is comprised of three tea tins and one cookie tin;

  • Square 25g tin with loose slide cover
  • Square 50g tin with loose slide cover
  • Square 100g tin with hinge cover
  • Rectangular cookie tin

​Want to order tea tins from the Gourmandises collection?

You can order the tea tins from this collection separately by adding them to your request. Want to know more about the possibilities? Please contact our team of specialists, they are happy to be of service.

Square tin 50 g with slip lid


60 x 60 x 80 mm


24 pieces

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Did you know? Our Farbergé eggs are replicas of the original eggs Carl Fabergé used to make for the Russian Tsars in the late 1800s.

Marcel Faber, Sales / Office
Marcel Faber, Sales / Office