Coffee tins: Coffee Break

Coffee tins: Coffee Break

A well-deserved coffee break is enjoyed to its fullest with coffee tins from the "Coffee Break" collection. Our tins from the “Coffee Break” collection are comprised of the following three form factors;

  • Rectangular coffee tin 250g with clip closure, embossed
  • Rectangular coffee tin 500g with clip closure, embossed
  • ​​Rectangular cookie tin, embossed

Want to order Coffee Break coffee tins?

You can order the coffee tins from this collection separately by adding them to your request. Want to know more about the possibilities? Please contact our team of specialists, they are happy to be of service.

Rectangular biscuit tin, embossed


190 x 126 x 70 mm


12 pieces

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Did you know? Our aluminium tinx boxes provide a complete barrier against light, gas and oxygen, making them ideal for packing spices, herbs or cosmetics.

Tony Veer, CEO
Tony Veer, CEO