Custom made tin: Vedett

Custom made tin: Vedett

The Belgian beer brand Vedett was looking for new packaging for its peppermint cans. The company was looking for a tin the size of existing peppermint tins that would be suitable for use in the hospitality industry. 

Result custom made tin: Vedett

One pre-condition was that the lid had to remain open, to make the presentation of the products as clearly visible as possible. Following an extensive design process, we are extremely proud of the result: an enlarged peppermint tin with a cable connection. The latter allows the lid to remain open. By printing the brand name Vedett on the inside of the tin, we have been able to significantly enhance the branding of the beer brand. After visiting a bar and enjoying a delicious Vedett beer, customers can return home with nice fresh breath.  

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Did you know? Our aluminium tinx boxes provide a complete barrier against light, gas and oxygen, making them ideal for packing spices, herbs or cosmetics.

Tony Veer, CEO
Tony Veer, CEO