Bespoke tins: kiwi

Bespoke tins: kiwi

Kiwi, a well-known producer of shoe polish materials, was searching for a storage tin for a maintenance kit. The custom made tin needed to be a larger version of the small shoe polish tin and large enough to contain an entire set of care products.

The result

The end result was a round tin with a vintage print of the well-known Kiwi design elements. On the one hand, the striking lid gives the tin a retro look, on the other hand, the black and white printed sides give it a sleek look. The tin was even large enough for storage of additional shoe polishes, so that customers could store other products and brands in a spacious tin.  This makes it easier for the customer, all shoe polish products in one place: in a Kiwi tin. 

Curious about our other bespoke tins?

​​Curious about our other looks from the bespoke tins collection? We also created a custom made tin for the beer manufacturer Vedett. 

Kiwi: custom made tin
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Marcel Faber, Sales / Office
Marcel Faber, Sales / Office