Holland Beauty Concepts: custom made tins

Holland Beauty Concepts: custom made tinboxes

Holland Beauty Concepts, mother brand of Greenland Bodycare, produces and supplies body care and cosmetic products for taking care of your skin. Their desire was to create a packaging that can fit three different products: lip balm, body butter, and hand cream.

The result: a custom-made Holland Beauty Concepts tin

The result is a stylish tin that does exactly what it's intended for. The white inlay ensures the three products are beautifully presented and stay in place while transporting the tin. The tin is partly printed with a full-colour print, where we have completed the image of the fruit with a sleek glossy lacquer. This makes the image stand out all the more!

With the development of this stylish tin, Holland Beauty Concepts has further strengthened the branding of its Greenland Bodycare brand and boosted the cross-selling of related products.

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Holland Beauty Concepts: custom made tins
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Did you know? Tin boxes are environmentally friendly! The material is recyclable and therefore highly sustainable.

Ad Noordijk, Office Manager
Ad Noordijk, Office Manager