Custom tins for Fidibusse

Custom tins for Fidibusse

Custom-made tins for a German customer with a typically German, traditional look. At Fidibusse, they were looking for custom tins to package 50 long kindling and firelighter blocks. The fireplace product manufacturer's blocks are made of pure wood fibre with natural paraffin. What sort of tin could package this best?

Tall custom-made tins

These elongated products meant that custom tins had to have an inner height of about 25 cm. To make the tin truly user-friendly, the customer wanted a higher lid. This way, the consumer can easily remove the firelighters out of the tin.

Natural character

The products that Fidibusse packages in its tins have a natural character and that is also what the brand wants to highlight. Therefore, the design should match the look and feel of the firelighters.

Custom-made tins with a wooden design

Both the lid and the body are made up of two parts, which means that the tin comprises four parts. This allowed us to create a high lid and we were able to ensure the desired level of user-friendliness. We gave the wooden design a matt finish and embossed the side of the lid. By doing this, we have highlighted the traditional character of this Bavarian company. The side is printed with handy tips and tricks. And since the tin is non-flammable, the firelighter products are packaged in a completely safe way!

The final result was a practical tin for a traditional product with a typically German character. And thanks to the tips and tricks on the side, the packaging has an extra function. For everyone who loves a cosy fire!

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Custom tins for Fidibusse
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Jeffrey Donk, Sales / Office
Jeffrey Donk, Sales / Office