Bespoke tins: tin for Dutch waffles

Bespoke tins: tin for Dutch waffles

Our client was looking for an alternative to the traditional round Dutch waffle tin. They were looking for a flat rectangular cookie can for packaging six Dutch waffles (or, as they call them: stroopwafels). The condition was that the custom made tin should be flat enough to fit in a mailbox.

The result

The end result was a custom made rectangular tin with a hinge cover fitted with a traditional Dutch print. The Delft blue patterns provide a certain vibe and recognition and do well with tourists. Due to the fact that the lid is red and the back is blue, it is not only a holder of delicious Dutch waffles, but also the Dutch flag on the table.

Is the Dutch waffle tin empty? No problem, the customer can keep new cookies or waffles in the tin. This tin can easily be used for a long time!

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Custom made tin for Dutch waffles
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Did you know? Our aluminium tinx boxes provide a complete barrier against light, gas and oxygen, making them ideal for packing spices, herbs or cosmetics.

Tony Veer, CEO
Tony Veer, CEO