Rectangular Tin for Dog Biscuits

Tin Packaging for Dog Treats

This UK client, part of the larger Boehringer Ingelheim group, needed tin packaging to put dog treats in. Their specifications? Ample size, comfortable to hold and large enough to fit a standard bag of snacks.

Rectangular Tin with a Distinctive Print

This client’s dog snack tins occupy a prominent position in their store. Which is why the client was looking for decorative packaging. And that's exactly what we delivered! Thanks to the picture of a dog with huge eyes and mouth wide open as it catches a cookie, we were able to create a unique and appealing tin.

Sustainable Packaging

The rectangular shape makes the tin easy to hold. Once the dog has thoroughly enjoyed all the treats in the tin, its owner can simply buy refills which can then be stored in the same tin. This makes this type of can a sustainable solution.

Suits all decor

Although the tin may have a distinct print, thanks to its neutral colour scheme, it fits in with more or less any decor. Each side features a dog with a different expression, so you can easily change things up if you like.

Are you looking for a unique tin for (pet) snacks or other food items? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to advise you further.

Rectangular Tin for Dog Biscuits
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Did you know? Metal is extremely strong with the ability to withstand extreme temperature and pressure.

Frits Meester, Sales / Office
Frits Meester, Sales / Office