Promotional Tins: De Pelikaan

Promotional Tins: De Pelikaan

De Pelikaan is a household name in the coffee and tea industry. The brand, which has been around for over 200 years, supplies the business and private market with coffee, tea, and delicacies. The company's desire was to create a series of four coffee and tea tins. Their main wish was to implement contrasting designs. An assignment we were very eager to engage with!

The result

The result is a series of stylish tins, in opposite colours. The series includes both a black and gold design in two sizes: 1 kg. for coffee, and 100 g. for tea. The tins are square-shaped and have a hinged lid. This keeps them in place and makes it easy to close the tin, perfectly preserving the delicious aroma of your coffee and tea.

We are particularly proud of this stylish series. By deciding to print specific parts of the tins and not others, we created a chic effect. Moreover, this ensures you can clearly see what the packaging is made of: silvered-coloured tin. One fun element is the design that extends to the different sides of the tin.

Werbedosen: De Pelikaan

This series of tinboxes puts us in a particularly cheerful mood! Last but not least: these beautiful tinboxes created additional brand recognition.

Curious about our other promotional tinboxes?

Curious about our other promotional tinboxes? We've also produced a striking custom-made tea tinbox.

Promotional Tins: De Pelikaan
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Marcel Faber, Sales / Office
Marcel Faber, Sales / Office