Caffeine Dealers: custom tins

Caffeine Dealers: custom tins

The company name says it all: Caffeine Dealers is a coffee supplier! And not just any coffee, but exclusively sustainable and organic Fairtrade coffee. Coffee for a good cause. Their coffee is roasted by people who are dedicated and who lead eventful lives. In order to give the brand a distinctive look, they have packaged the coffee in stylishly tough custom-made tins.

Custom tins: Caffeine Dealers

It is important that these customised tins are suitable for storing 1 kilo of coffee per tin. Moreover, they need to accentuate the quality of this special coffee brand. We didn't need to add anything more to the text on the front, that speaks for itself: "Exceptional Coffee by Remarkable People".

Stylishly tough and distinctive

What makes the tin so stylishly tough and distinctive is, above all, the combination of silver and black. The custom tins have a matt finish, which further enhances this effect. The logo is embossed on the tins, which means that it is applied by means of relief. The logo has been applied beautifully and adds extra character to the tin. The logo is visible on the front, and on the back, you can read all about what the brand stands for. The square shape is practical for this purpose and, at the same time, gives it a robust look.

Custom tins for brand awareness

A stylish coffee tin like this one will always be given a prominent place. And that is why these custom tins strengthen the brand so effectively. In this way, the good cause behind the brand − which provides opportunities in society − gets a boost where brand awareness is concerned. 

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Caffeine Dealers: custom tins
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Did you know? Tin boxes are perfect promotional material! Our custom-made tins can be made entirely for your needs.

Henk Barelds, Warehouse / Logistics
Henk Barelds, Warehouse / Logistics