Brotzeit Clasp Tin

Clasp Tin with Wooden Lid

For the manufacture of a lunchbox, this German client was looking for a tin that would match the lids they had previously purchased. Together with beech wood lids, the tin is designed to be a tough and beautiful lunchbox.

Lunchbox with a Perfect Fit

The lid has to fit the box perfectly. The lid fits partially on top of the lunchbox and partially inside the lunchbox. To achieve a perfect fit, we had to devise new tools. In the end, we decided to use clasps, which make sure that the lid is securely attached to the tin. It is also important that the tin is airtight so that food stays fresh for a long time. This is why we opted for a one-piece body for the lunchbox; a thermoformed part where the base and sides are made out of one single piece.

Natural Appearance

The combination of a printed wooden lid with a silver metal body gives the tin a natural look. In addition, the removable lid has another function: it can also be used as a coaster!

Anyone who is looking for these kinds of unique lunchboxes can visit the many popular gift shops in southern Germany. They are sold to locals as well as appreciative tourists.

Are you also interested in designing a unique lunchbox? Please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to give you further advice.

Brotzeit Clasp Tin
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You can also have standard cans from stock made according to your wishes. We then use labels or a print to create your own look!

Erik Woudenberg, Sales / Office
Erik Woudenberg, Sales / Office